• A man on a mission.

    "Life can be so simple, yet in cource of life you come across many obstacles that seem to be hard to solve, but mostly have a simple solution". I found this to be true in many of my daily tasks and quests.

    So, why make life harder than it already is, just keep it simple. And once in a while, listen to the teacher.

  • "The real" alternative energy

    Not your average solar panel or wind mill but things like: microgeneration, energy harvesting, overunity, earth batteries etc... "Impossible" you say! Those who never try ... never fail. Those who never try should not complain about those who do.

  • Lucide dreaming

    You can make your dreams come true. Using your dreams to your advantage. "You are kidding, right?" - No. 

By the way, my name is Edwin Stas - born in 1970. And my mission is ... if i would tell you, i have to kill you ;-)

  • Running

    When I stop running, I stop living.
    Started to run in 2016....first half marathon in 2017.....first ultra in 2020.

  • Development - from start to finish

    No reason to invent the wheel again. But in some cases, the wheel needs some fine-tuning. Web design, automation, small tools that make your live easy, web/mobile app development, etc...

  • Artwork - a different approach

    3D modeling & rendering, 2D & 3D animation, vectorization, and many other techniques put together. And of course there is always the first l love...a pencil.

  • Keep IT green

    Disassembling any hardware from device to it's original material. What do I do with all this material?  For example: PCB's can be used for artwork, many parts I use for our alternative projects, metals and plastics are recycled by certified companies. I keep some materials such as plastics for molding and crafting.

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